Born and raised in North Texas, I began writing songs around 6 years old. Piano lessons started in 2nd grade. I taught guitar lessons for Brook Mays Music beginning in high school and began singing and playing acoustic and electric guitar in local bands around 1978. The Legacy Band, Tacky Cactus, Montana Moon and others. (Country, rock, jazz, blues and folk.)

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and have spent many years writing and supporting code in long distance phone networks, working for Bell Northern Research / Nortel, DSC Communications and Alcatel/Lucent. During that time I also engineered the voice tracks for the NPR show "Bravo Baroque" with Nan O'Neill syndicated in 88 listening areas of the country. I am a Former President of the Board of Directors for (MISU) The Musical Institute of Sullivan and Ulster Counties in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York - performing orchestral concerts throughout the region. My son Jesse and I performed at Bethel Woods (located on the site of Woodstock) on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock with our 5 piece festival band "Little Sparrow". We also played the Honesdale Rhythm and Roots Festival and many other venues in the New York, Pennsylvania area.

I also opened, owned and operated The Main Street Deli in the Historic District of Downtown Branson, Missouri, performing music on the stage for a year before deciding to get back to my Texas roots. I own and currently operate DreamCatcher Studio in Plano, Texas where I write songs, record, perform and teach music to kids and adults.

This rainbow picture was taken in 2008 on the way home from Jesse's little league practice at the Rondout Reservoir in Grahamsville, New York. The ONLY day of the year that I decided to put the camera in the van before leaving the house.